Markets: Commercial

iTEN’s BIM, CADD and Laser Scanning services have been used on commercial new construction and remodeling projects.

iTEN’s Laser scanning and existing condition modeling are advanced technologies that have revolutionized the way commercial clients approach building renovation, restoration, and construction. Our 3D scanning professionals can capture precise 3D images of existing buildings, which are then used to create detailed models of the structure. This technology has significantly improved the accuracy, efficiency, and safety of commercial building projects.

Our BIM & CAD services have been used for Architectural, Structural & MEP design drafting as well as BIM coordination during the pre-construction phase of commercial projects. By providing accurate design, enhanced visualization, improved communication, faster turnaround times, and cost-effectiveness, CAD services help to optimize the entire design and construction process. If you are a commercial client looking to start a building project, consider using CAD services to help ensure a successful outcome.

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