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3D scanning and BIM (Building Information Modeling) services have become increasingly popular in the aviation industry, as they provide a highly accurate and detailed representation of airport infrastructure. With our expertise in 3D scanning and BIM services, we can help with a wide range of aviation projects, from renovation and expansion to new construction. In this article, we will explore how our 3D scanning and BIM services can help with aviation projects.

Accurate As-Built Modeling
During the renovation or expansion of an airport, it is essential to have an accurate representation of the existing infrastructure. Our 3D scanning services enable us to capture highly accurate as-built data of existing airport facilities, including terminals, hangars, runways, and other structures. This data is then used to create 3D models in BIM software, which can be used to visualize the existing infrastructure and identify potential issues with the renovation or expansion project.

Design and Planning
BIM software is a powerful tool that enables architects and engineers to create highly detailed and accurate 3D models of new airport infrastructure. Our BIM services can help with the design and planning of airport projects, including the design of new terminals, runways, hangars, and other structures. With our expertise in BIM services, we can create accurate 3D models that can be used to identify potential issues with the design, optimize the layout of the airport, and ensure compliance with local and national regulations.

Project Visualization
Our 3D scanning and BIM services enable the creation of highly realistic 3D visualizations of airport infrastructure, which can help clients and stakeholders to better understand the proposed design. This includes creating accurate 3D models of airport facilities, which can be used to visualize the layout of the airport, the flow of passengers and baggage, and other important details. These visualizations can also help to identify potential issues with the design and ensure that the project meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Construction Documentation
During the construction phase, our 3D scanning and BIM services can help to create accurate and detailed construction documentation. This includes creating 2D and 3D drawings, cross-sections, and details for construction documents. We can also use the software to generate accurate quantity take-offs, which help to ensure that the project stays within budget.

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